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What we are looking for:

At You Accommodation, we are always on the lookout for host families to accommodate our growing number of travelling individuals and groups.

What our clients expect:

All our customers who are looking for a homestay while in London are actually looking for a much-needed home away from home rather than just a room to sleep in.

What we expect:

Our standards are high, and we expect nothing less than a welcoming atmosphere, good home conditions, rooms that are spacious enough and suitable for sleeping and studying, with access to a private or shared bathroom.

What we would like from you:

If you are thinking of becoming a host family for our travellers, you need to keep in mind that you are bringing in a guest to your home and not just a paying tenant.

Work with You Accommodation!

If you feel you have a home that meets the requirements of comfort and safety to accommodate such travellers and if you are certain and willing to treat those travellers as guests in your house, please go ahead and email [email protected] with your personal details, giving a short description about your family and the address where you live or complete the application form below. A representative of You Accommodation will contact you shortly.