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Just like with our regular accommodations, the choice of your homestay location will also be based on the area you intend to be visiting as a group.

"What really exciting was for my students has been the opportunity to experience the culture first-hand."
Jane Chin
High School Teacher


Our host families for group accommodations offer all the usual comforts of a home including meals and packed lunches if needed. Since we are working with groups, we can arrange for coaches, buses and other modes of group transportation when needed.

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We also take into consideration as much of your group’s personal preferences as possible and can even arrange for hotel stays in close by areas for the group leaders or teachers, if needed. While most groups who look up You Accommodation tend to be visiting London as part of a group effort to learn English or see the sights, we like to highlight that our host families come from many different ethnic backgrounds but all speak English as the first language. 



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At You Accommodation, we do not enforce a minimum stay period on groups that are travelling to London, . However, if you are coming to study the language first hand or to experience life as the British do, then we strongly recommend that your stay is not shorter than one week. This is important as a week is the minimum amount of time that we believe you will need to get the experience you are looking for.

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If you are planning to book a group of student in London, please feel free to contact us to check availability and get a quote.

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